Andrey Kurilin

Andrey Kurilin is the CEO of Citibank Kazakhstan, a subsidiary of Citigroup in Kazakhstan and a leading international bank.  He has been with Citi for almost 20 years with senior assignments in Moscow, New York, and Almaty in the areas of client coverage, risk management and general management.  He served at Citi in New York as in-house M&A oversight officer in 2006-2008, and was appointed to his current position in 2013 after serving as Chief Operating Officer for Citi Russia.

Andrey Kurilin served on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan in 2005-06 and 2014-15.  In 2009-2013 he chaired the Board of Directors of Citigroup’s Russian subsidiary.  He is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of International Relations under the Foreign Ministry of Russia, as well as he attended W.E. Simon Graduate Business School at the University of Rochester, and holds the honorary title of Distinguished Financier of Kazakhstan.  He has been a Guest Lecturer at the Moscow Finance University, St. Petersburg University, and KIMEP in Almaty.

Citigroup is one of largest and oldest banks in the World.  Maintaining staff in over 100 countries, Citi was recognized by Global Finance magazine as the Best Global Bank in 2015.  Citi has been operating in Kazakhstan since 1998 and is the only global financial institution with active operations in the country today.  

In 2014-15 Citibank helped Kazakhstan's public sector raise over $8Bn in Eurobonds.  In 2015 Citi became a member of the Foreign Investment Council chaired by the President of Kazakhstan.  As of December 2015, Citibank was Kazakhstan's 8th bank by capital out of 35 banks, the first by RoE and asset quality.