AGM Sundowner

Please note that the Rixos Hotel will host a high-level regional summit with heightened security on this date. 

Please bring passports.  Hotel Security will be advised to expect AmCham members for both the AGM and Sundowner.  

The AGM will be followed by a Sundowner sponsored by EY at 7:30 pm in the same location.  A dinner buffet and drinks will be served.  Please register in advance through the AmCham office at  before 5pm, Thursday, 1 February

 AmCham members may attend both the AGM and the Sundowner free of charge.  However, if more than 3 staff from one company attend the Sundowner, there will be a 5,000 tenge admission fee.  Similarly, Non-Members who wish to attend the Sundowner will also pay 5,000 tenge. 

 Member companies are welcome to bring their promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, calendars, etc.) to the Chamber office for display at the event. Materials should be delivered to AmCham no later than 6pm, February 1.

 We look forward to welcoming our members and guests to the AmCham General Meeting and Sundowner on Friday evening. 

Location - Rixos Almaty Hotel, Lotus Restaurant

Time - 7:30 pm - 9 pm  

Date - Friday, 2 February