Almaty November Business Roundtable Luncheon 2018

                                             Challenges to Economic Diversification for Kazakhstan:                                                                                                  Technology, Renewable Energy, Mining, Agriculture

                                                                               25 April 2018                                                                                                                                                       Marriott Astana Hotel                                                                               

09:30      Keynote Speakers
                               • Zhenis Kassymbek, Minister of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan               
                               • Umirzak Shukeyev, Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan/Deputy Prime Minister of RK
                               •  U.S. Ambassador George Krol
                               •  Canadian Ambassador Nicholas Brousseau

10:15      Morning Session: Innovation: Technology and Energy
                Panel Discussion: Part 1 - Innovation and Economic Development

                    Moderator: Peter van der Gracht, Senior Industry Advisor for Information and Communication                     Technologies, Global Affairs Canada; Innovation Advisor,Canadian Science, Technology,
                    and Innovation Council (Government of Canada)
                    • Presentation: Innovation, a Pre-Requisite to Economic Development

                    • Francis Ato Brown, Kazakhstan Country Director, World Bank
                    • Bela Ferenczi, General Director, GE Central Asia and Azerbaijan 
                    • Alexander Komarov, General Director, Beeline Kazakhstan

                                                              Interactive Discussion: Panelists and Audience
                                                                               11:15 - 12:00  Coffee Break

12:00      Panel Discussion: Part 2 - Renewable Energy Today and the Future
                Moderator: Shaimerden Chikanayev, Partner, Grata Law Firm
                • Presentation: Renewable Energy: Today and the Future

                 • Maksim Ageev, General Director, Schneider Electric Kazakhstan
                 • Marcis Maurins, Kazakhstan Manager, ALD Automotive
                 • Nurlan Sak, Advisor, International Center for Green Technologies
                 • Taylan Karamanli, CEO & Founder, KB Enterprises

                                                          Interactive Discussion: Panelists and Audience                                           
                                                     13:00 - 14:00   Luncheon for Speakers and Participants

14:00     Afternoon Session: Mining and Agriculture- Kazakhstan's Under-Utilized Natural Wealth  

14:15     Panel Discussion: Part 1 - Mining - A Consideration of the New Mining Code               
               Moderator: Milan Parivodic, Strategic Advisor, Freeport McMoRan;      Former Minister of Foreign                Economic Relations and Minister of Finance, Government of Serbia
                      • Presentation: The New Mining Code and its Impact on Mining Development

               • Darryl Clark, President, Cameco Kazakhstan
               • Oleg Telnoi, Executive Director, Central Asia Metals
               • Eldar Mamedov, General Director, KazMinerals

                                                       Interactive Discussion: Panelists and Audience

15:00     Panel Discussion: Part 2 - Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Food Security
               Moderator: Firuz Ibrohimov, Chief Technical Advisor, Agriculture, UNDP
                      • Presentation:

               • Anton von Gorp, General Director, Metro Cash and Carry
               • Sergey Glokke, General Director, Eurasia Group 
               • Roman Kusainov, Expert on Agricultural Economic Issues, UNDP

                                                           Interactive Discussion: Panelists and Audience                                                                                                                    16 HRS - CONFERENCE ENDS - RECEPTION

16:00       Reception for Council Speakers and Participants
                 Marriott Astana Hotel
                 Vista Lounge, 27th Floor
                 Drinks and Light Refreshments will be Served

Dear Members,


AmCham invites you to attend its November Business Roundtable Luncheon at the Rixos Almaty Hotel on Thursday,November 8, 2018.  The speaker, an FBI expert on cybercrime and intellectual property rights, will provide an overview of current strategies to combat cybercrime and to protect intellectual property rights – two issues of great current interest and importance to companies in all industry sectors.


Speaker:     Richard Mennuti

                    Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

                    National Intellectual Property Rights Center (Virginia)  


Topic:          Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Rights Protection  


Date:           Thursday, 8 November 2018


Location:    Lotus Restaurant (on Mezzanine)

                     Rixos Almaty Hotel


Time:          12:30pm  (Registration opens at 12 noon)


Registration is required in advance through the AmCham office  until 5pm, 7 November. The luncheon cost is 7,000 tenge payable in cash at the Desk before the event. Please see the attached agenda for details.


Member companies are welcome to bring their promotional materials (brochures, leaflets, calendars, etc.) to the AmCham office for display at the event.  Materials should be delivered to AmCham no later than 6pm, November 7, 2018.


We look forward to welcoming our speaker and guests to the November AmCham Business Roundtable.