Centras Leadership Training Program

                                                                                                                           Centras Leadership Training Program

                                                                                                                           Professionalize Kazakhstan (K-Pro2)


Dear AmCham Members, 

You are invited to participate in the Centras Group Professionalize Kazakhstan (K-Pro2) leadership training program.

 K-Pro2 aims to integrate and improve higher education and professional training in accordance with the best global standards and practices.  The program is envisaged as additional training for young professionals seeking to upgrade their professional and educational skills.  Participants in the program will be the following:

 ·         Advanced professionals;

·         First-level managers;

·         Experienced university lecturers

·         Active students and graduates.

K-Pro2 will support you in developing the following skills:

·         Good Citizenship;

·         Leadership;

·         Problem-solving;

·         Systems-thinking;

·         Diversity;

·         Computing;

·         Technology.

 Program Structure

The K-Pro2 course is structured in the form of lectures, analytical discussions and group practical assignments. It is a year-long course with a 2-week introductory module (10 July– 21 July 2017; 8:30am-6pm), semi-annual group practical assignments,one-/two-day quarterly sessions and a final one-week module in the following year.

 K-Pro2 Lecturers: BCG, EY, PwC, Microsoft, KASE, Siemens, Oracle, Сentras, Kommesk

Guest Speakers: E. Tursynov, A. Baitassov, Minister of Education, Minister of Health, Mayor of Almaty, Austrian Embassy.

For more information, please visit our website   Professionalize Kazakhstan

Facebook  -  https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalizeKazakhstan/

 Contact person:

Ruslan Pogorelov

CEO, Centras Insurance

Tel.: +7 701 732 65 42


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