Deloitte March News Update

LNG global overview. Trends, signposts, and opportunities

Growth, change, uncertainty, challenge, opportunity – these are some drivers explored by Deloitte’s LNG series in 2016. In this global report, we examine the overall findings laid out in the component parts of the LNG series and attempt to holistically describe the status of the global LNG industry and what may lie ahead.

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Global Predictions 2017. Which trends may disrupt business? How could consumer habits change?

As the pace of technological change becomes exponentially faster, it is increasingly difficult to identify the major trends that could have profound effects on enterprises and consumers. To help address this challenge, we’re pleased to offer the 2017 version of Predictions from Deloitte Global, designed to provide insight into what may offer disruption and growth opportunities across the technology, media and telecommunications ecosystems.

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Habitats: are foreign companies doing business the Kazakh way?

Quite often, we like to compare local and foreign companies in the former USSR. Rustam Mukhametshin, Deloitte Caspian Region Financial Advisory Department Director, an expert in financial forensics, in his article for Forbes Kazakhstan, discusses whether the transparency and absence of fraud in foreign businesses really is the truth or just a myth.

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