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DELOITTE: How to create internal corporate policies that really work: Seven recommendations by Deloitte Forensic

The New Year’s holiday is a time of renewal and fresh starts. In that spirit, we’d like to suggest that now is an optimal time to pay fresh attention to your company’s internal policies and procedures. Start by asking yourself such questions as: Do your employees understand and adhere to company policies? Do your policies adequately reflect existing business processes? Deloitte Forensic is pleased to present seven recommendations that will help you to successfully adapt “off-the-shelf” corporate policies and procedures so they actually do what they are meant todo.

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DELOITTE: Kazakhstan’s new dividend taxation policy

The Tax Code has been amended from 1January 2021 to change how dividends paid by Kazakhstan companies to overseas shareholders are taxed. On the whole, the income of non-residents is taxed in Kazakhstan according to national tax law and international treaties.

The Tax Code taxes dividends received by non-residents from resident companies in Kazakhstan at 15% (or 20% if the non-resident is registered in a low-tax country). International treaties can be applied to reduce the standard rate.

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  • Nazira Nurbayeva, Partner, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department
  • Andrey Zakharchuk, Partner, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department
  • Karina Kalimzhanova, Manager, Deloitte Tax and Legal Department

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DELOITTE: Overview of the Steel and Iron Ore Market – 2020

Deloitte is pleased to present you with the full version of its analytical report on the 2020 Steel and Iron Ore Market. This report contains a summary of preliminary data for nine months of 2020 and our experts’ outlook for 2020-2021.

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DELOITTE: TMT Predictions 2021

Deloitte can’t speak about2021 without mentioning COVID-19. All nine of Deloitte’s TMT Predictions for 2021 year were shaped to some extent by pandemic. We hope that during 2021, we will be closer to the end of the pandemic than to the beginning, focusing on thriving in the future rather than responding to present.

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