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DELOITTE: Public-private partnerships and investment projects in Kazakhstan. Which one to go for?

The number of companies in Kazakhstan with foreign participation has grown 12% this year alone to 21.7 thousand by the start of autumn. Of these, 97.3%, or 21.1 thousand are small businesses; 1.5% (325 companies) are medium-sized business and 1.2% (260 companies) are large businesses, with the majority of them from Russia, Turkey and China.  Even though the pandemic has undoubtedly affected project numbers, there does still seem to be investor interest in Kazakhstan, especially in projects offering state concessions and preferences.

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DELOITTE: 2021 Global Marketing Trends: Find your focus

Constant technological change and increasing reliance on digital can leave people wanting for human connection. These seven trends can help build connection to drive engagement and growth for brands in an unprecedented 2021.

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DELOITTE: The 2030 decarbonization challenge

The global energy mix is shifting from fossil fuels to renewables. There are abundant examples of both public and private organizations working hard to decarbonize the economy. As this energy transformation or “Green Deal” gains momentum, new ecosystems are forming and new technologies are emerging. These developments are helping to grow renewables, develop new energy carriers, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and create new markets for carbon and other by-products as part of an increasingly circular economy. At the same time many of these commonly pursued steps to decarbonization, such as increased electrification, wide-scale use of renewable energy and intensifying energy efficiency measures pose unique challenges.

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