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Deloitte – Current Commentary: Mining, WorldClimate, and Stock Market Taxation

DELOITTE: Global Process Mining Survey 2021. Delivering Value with Process Analytics – Adoption and Success Factors of Process Mining

With our Deloitte Global Process Mining Survey we address the current state of process mining adoption and deliver insights on how process mining generates value. The survey aims to identify trends and pitfalls of process mining projects, to help adopters getting on the right track in their process analytics journey, and offers valuable insights on how to generate real value add out of your initiative.

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DELOITTE: Tracking the trends 2021. The top 10 issues transforming the future of mining

2020 took the world by surprise. COVID-19 cut through most companies’ best laid plans,forcing leaders across the mining sector to refine their strategic objectives,recommit to their stakeholders, and reset their priorities. Tracking the trends 2021 looks beyond the pandemic and focusses on how the longer-term trends inthe industry are impacted and what new trends are on the horizon. A central narrative emerged from this year’s report, namely the issue of trust between the mining industry and its wider set of stakeholders.

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DELOITTE: World Climate

Although the effects of climate change are significant, together we can drive positive change. Progress is possible if, as members of society and the business community, we act collectively and immediately.

To do our part to help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, Deloitte has launched WorldClimate—our strategy to drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond.

We recognize that change starts within. Deloitte must set and meet higher standards for itself, empowering our professionals and connecting with ourbroader ecosystem to create solutions that facilitate the transition to a lowcarbon economy

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DELOITTE: How Kazakhstan intends to levy taxes from retail stock market players. Government agencies disagree on a proposal to take into account losses when making payments.

The Ministry of the National Economy, which is responsible for Kazakhstan tax policy, is considering reducing retail investors’ individual income tax at the expense of losses by shifting their miscalculations onto the state. The State Revenue Committee, according to market players, agreed with the proposal, but only on the condition that brokers become tax agents.

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