Deloitte News | April 2019

DELOITTE: Major Risks in PPP in Construction

Marina Kostanian, Construction Consulting Partner: "Most infrastructure projects arecomposed of five elements for which responsibility must be assigned: design, construction, service operation, ongoing maintenance and finance. Theoretically, any of these elements and their related risks can be allocated to either the public sector or the private sector. The shape of that allocation determines the structure of the partnership".

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DELOITTE:Tax returns: how to avoid fines?

Deloitte Manager Khadisha Seidalina, “Given the introduction of universal declaration, the automatic exchange of information and the tax authorities’ ability to reviewtax liabilities for the entire statute of limitation, the issue for individualsto comply with tax law has become even more important”.

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DELOITTE: The further you lookinto digitalisation, the simpler it gets

Deloitte Audit Director, Zhangir Zhilysbayev names thefour most important technical solutions that have significantly improved thespeed, ease of use and quality of banking services for clients.

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DELOITTE: Real Estate Predictions 2019

Deloitte's global Real Estate industry predictions looks at the Real Estate trends for2019 that will impact your business. We look at blockchain, cybersecurity, data-driven business models, and more.

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