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DELOITTE: Unemployment and default: what else do  economists predict for Kazakhstan during the pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus on the country’s banking  system will begin to become more visible by the end of June or early July,  but the peak should be in August.

The restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic  have caused the global economy and financial markets to decline. As a result, almost all industries have begun to experience difficulties. Deloitte experts  believe that if the timing of these restrictions or the scale of the pandemic  increases, the effect on the economy will also grow proportionally.

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DELOITTE: Banks need to update their credit loss calculation model

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the  global economy and financial markets continue to weaken; and in the current  situation, all industries, without exception are beginning to experience  difficulties. For example, the transport sector, trade and tourism sectors  have suffered as profitability has fallen sharply. If the scale of the  pandemic increases, its effect on the global economy will also grow. As a  result, financial markets will be extremely volatile, companies will  experience liquidity problems, unemployment will increase, consumer spending  will decline, increased warehouse inventory and supply chain disruption. All  of the above will lead to banks having to restructure bad debts, which will  lead to an increase in provisions, according to Kenessary Kassymov, Assistant  Manager in Deloitte Caspian Region’s Risk Advisory Department.

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DELOITTE: What companies can entrust to robots

According to one of the  most popular versions, a robot is a human–like device that performs certain  actions. In fact, it is a programme that works according to a built-in  algorithm, performs certain actions, and is used to automate repetitive  tasks. The main purpose of robot technology is to free employees from routine  processes and reduce the use of company resources. During a webinar, Deloitte  tax and legal experts talk about business process stages and the conditions  where robots are used

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The world remade by  COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19,  Deloitte and Salesforce hosted a dialogue among some of the world's best-known scenario thinkers to consider the societal and business impact of  the pandemic. What might life be like after the crisis passes, and what will  it take to thrive in a world remade? Let’s explore four possible scenarios.

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Resources for resilient  leadership

In the crucible of crisis, resilient leaders are defined  first by who they are and what they do at different times and across multiple  priorities. Deloitte has developed the following resources to help guide all  leaders in organizations through the impacts of the current challenge and  emerge more resilient.

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DELOITTE: Barriers to implementing LegalTech solutions

LegalTech has truly found its niche in Europe and America, where a number of tools have been in use for roughly 20 years already, and in the last few years has begun to develop actively in the CIS. Nevertheless, Kazakhstan is still in the  early stages of implementing the technology into legal processes.

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How do businesspeople reduce risks during  an international crisis

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world are facing a range of strategic and operational risks. Based on an analysis of the leading practices of multinational companies in business continuity planning (BCP) and emergency management, Deloitte experts recommend businesses take several important measures.


DELOITTE:  Combating COVID-19 with resilience

Leaders like you are responding to one of the most sweeping crises in recent memory, calling for both empathy and  action to guide your people and businesses through uncertain times. This page gathers Deloitte’s insights to help you not only respond to this crisis, but recover and thrive.

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