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Guide to Recent Changes in Kazakhstan Legislation – Foreign Labor and Work Permits

On 17 April 2018, Decree No. 189 of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 13 April 2018 "On introducing changes and additions to Decree No. 802 of the Government of Kazakhstan dated 15 December 2016 ‘On Approval of the rules for establishing a quota to hire foreign labor in Kazakhstan and its distribution between the regions of Kazakhstan, the definition of the economic sectors within which intra-corporate transfer may be carried out, and of individuals for whom a work permit from local authorities is not required, and the repeal of certain decisions of the Government of Kazakhstan’’’ (the "Decree"), was published.  This change comes into force from 27 April 2018.


This Decree extends the exemption from the requirement to obtain a work permit to hire foreign labor to the following foreign individuals:

► The heads of Kazakhstan legal entities with 100% foreign participation in their authorized capital, as well as their deputies;

► Those working in a national managing holding in positions no lower than the heads of structural units, holding higher education and supporting documents as required by Kazakhstan legislation;

► Those hired as members of boards of directors of a national managing holding.


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