From the Miracle on the Han River to the Miracle on the Ishim River

There are currently 190 sovereign states around the world and each state has followed its unique development path. Some states have achieved greater successes, while achievements of other states are smaller. A gap in per capita GDP between OECD member countries and CIS member states is about USD 30 thousand. Despite Kazakhstan’s leading position among CIS member states in terms of this index, our country sets an ambitious goal for itself - to reduce a gap and increase per capita GDP up to the level of the OECD member countries.

Still more unequivocal is that the further growth of Kazakhstan economy will require even more intensive increase of such indicator as a labor productivity. Experience of foreign countries shows that it can be achieved only through the accelerated and friendly development of the industry and applied science. Thus, over 50 years South Korea has turned into one of the most developed and high-capacity countries worldwide.  Though South Korea has no its own natural resources, it ranks 13th worldwide in Gross Domestic Product and 6th in terms of export. How the Korean experience in the increase in labour productivity can help Kazakhstan, please, read in the article “From the Miracle on the Han River to the Miracle on the Ishim River” by Saken Zhumashev, Partner, Head of Management Consulting, KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, in Expert Kazakhstan magazine. To read article please click here.

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