HOTCO 2018

Harnessing the benefits of Creativity, Disruption and Innovation

We are delighted to bring you the most exciting program. HOTCO will start the year by giving you clarity in the fast-paced changes the hotel industry is exposed to. The event will give you the confidence to tame the turbulence and steer it to your advantage.

The conference will start in the afternoon of the 29th, ending with an opening party and finish at 18:00 on the 30th, also followed by drinks.

Meet us in Budapest to immerse yourself in:

Presentations by visionary speakers;
Heated discussions on strategies of brands fighting to stay relevant;
What keeps OTAs on their toes if real threats are not coming from global hotel companies;
Interpretations of cyber threats and why you should start listening;
The guessing game of which country HOTCO’s Guest Nation is in 2018, and why;
Robotics and whether to expect them resolve labour shortages;
Funding sourcing options as we have never seen them before;
Greenfield developments utilising technological innovations in construction;
Prague vs. Budapest – a fight for positions or ganging up on Vienna;
Why Marco Polo should be proud of what the Caucasus are turning into.
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