Jazz Festival in Almaty

Dear friends! 

Welcome to the XVII annual international jazz festival in Almaty! We are excited to announce that we will host 7 countries this year: Israel, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany and France. 

The tickets could be purchased online at www.ticketon.kz or at the box office before the concert (limited number). The concert on March 30 at the Hard Rock Cafe is free of charge, just book the table 313 13 11.

March 29 jam session at Mad Murphys 

March 30 - Jard Rock Cafe (tel: 313 13 11) 

March 31 and April 1 at Dublin 

Master classes (free admission) for children and adults on Wednesday at 11:00 (Barna Pely, at jazz school), Friday at 12:00 (Yogev Shetrit at jazz school), Sunday at 11:00 (Alberto Raya, Caminos flamencos, at the Museum of National Instruments.

The information re musicians, jam sessions, concerts and tickets could be obtained on www.jazz.kz

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