Kazakhstan CIOs commence digitalization from data: ICT report for Kazakhstan

In March 2018, National Inforcommunication Holding Zerde and KPMG released a joint report on the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Kazakhstan for 2016-17.  The report contains information regarding Kazakhstan's ICT market, government support measures, and a service model for informatization and ICT-related PPP projects.

The ICT report was drawn up jointly by Zerde experts and the KPMG ITA group in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. CIOs of major companies in Kazakhstan were surveyed to identify areas of ICT development, to determine the ICT-related cost structure, and the degree of interest by senior managers in cybersecurity innovation and investment.  

The key takeaways of the report are listed below:

  • ICT market in Kazakhstan: 6 trillion tenge in 2016
  • ICT application in Kazakhstan: 75% of CIOs support Big Data in their strategies
  • ICT-related cost structure: 90% of respondents recognize sustainable growth in IT budgets in 2017
  • Government support measures over 5 years beginning in 2011: 1 billion tenge extended in the form of 69 ICT-related grants
  • Service model of     informatization: 5 service software products launched in 2016
  • ICT-related PPP projects: 5 projects implemented with the participation of 4 ministries


A full version of the report can be downloaded at https://home.kpmg.com/kz/ru/home/insights/2018/03/ikt.html.

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