Manufacturer‘s & IT-Forum

The OWC's Manufacturer's & IT Forum is dedicated to topics that engage global manufacturers with activities in the Russian-speaking world, with a special focus on IT:

  • Economic forecasts Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
  • Labor market in the different regions
  • localization legislation
  • Realization of Pharmaceuticals - Example Bionorica
  • Tax aspects in local production
  • Profit and loss optimization in times of rigid IT structures in Russia
  • IT solutions for modernization of production / Industry 4.0
  • IT outsourcing in Belarus
  • Success Stories of Foreign Investors in Belarusian Industry Parks
  • Formats of industrial partnerships in Russia: joint ventures, industrial cooperation, technology partnership

Participation is free for manufacturing companies and subscribers to OstContact.

Another highlight: Afterwards we offer the participants a trip to the monastery vineyard Eberbach with guided tour and tasting. Please indicate when registering. It is worth it!

The costs for all other participants are only 80 Euro plus VAT.

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