Mergers and Acquisitions Week


Mergers and    Acquisitions Week

25 - 29    September 2017 | Crowne Plaza Zürich,     Switzerland

Session A: Identifying Strategic    Acquisitions and Structuring Successful M&A Deals

Session B: M&A Financial    Modeling 


Designed for financial leaders, these 2 programs will show you    how to structure, execute and drive successful M&A deals globally.

Led by    Thomas Kessler who has been instrumental in leading over US$20 billion    of deal transactions worldwide. His successful transactions have been    featured and used by Harvard     Business School    as HBS case studies. These two programs have also been independently    certified and accredited by CPD, an internationally recognized    certification board. If you are a CPA, CFA or ACCA charterholder, these    CPD credits will count towards your Continuing Professional Education (CPE)    requirements.


Session    A: Identifying Strategic Acquisitions and Structuring    Successful M&A Deals | 25 - 26 September 2017

 In    this 2-day intensive executive program, you will learn how to develop    an end-to-end acquisition strategy for your    organization – starting from identifying the right    acquisition target to quantifying transaction    synergies to structuring the deal to implementing a successful    post merger integration strategy. You will learn how to shortlist    a potential list of acquisition targets which complement your    existing business, adopt the right valuation technique and finance    the acquisition with the most cost effective instruments. At the    end of the two-day program, you will take away the right acquisition    strategy to successfully achieve your required synergies.

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Session    B: M&A Financial Modeling | 27 - 29 September 2017

 In    this three-day intensive program on M&A Financial Modeling, you will    learn how to  construct a full merger model that incorporates    sophisticated M&A concepts. With hands-on and interactive    exercises, you will learn how to establish the right valuation benchmark    for your acquisition, model the financial impact of your    transaction – including earnings, synergies and cash flow analysis.    In addition, this program will explore the concepts on deal    structuring, deal structures and sophisticated concepts on synergies by    using largely successful synergies templates used by MNCs.


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 Program Success: Both programs have been held successfully in major cities    including Sydney, Singapore,    London, Toronto,    San Francisco, Frankfurt and Hong Kong over the past 2 years with over 300    financial leaders participating in these programs.

   Establish Your M&A Capabilities: To help you establish the right M&A    capabilities for your organization, I strongly encourage you to sign up for    both back-to-back sessions as you will also be entitled to the 10% discount on the    second program.

 At the    end of the program, you will receive a comprehensive list of    M&A documentations and financial models, including M&A models,    sample share and purchase agreements, due diligence checklist and other    important documentations to help you succeed in your next    acquisition.


Faculty Director:

 Both    sessions will be led by Thomas Kessler, who has advised over US$20    billion of M&A deals globally. Thomas’s transactions have also been    studied by Harvard and featured as the key M&A case study by Harvard Business School.

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 If you    are keen to attend this session with your colleagues, they will receive an additional    10% discount on the 2nd and 3rd participants. With four colleagues, the    4th seat will be complimentary – completely on us. However, only one    discount scheme applies. So don't hesitate to sign up now and secure your    seat before it's too late!

 As a    value add, if you would like to receive a complimentary article on The    Big Idea: The New M&A Playbook by Harvard Business     School, please    contact me at

 I look forward to welcoming    you to these exciting programs!


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