Mini-Football Charity Tournament in Support of Red Crescent “Play For Red”

Red Crescent of Kazakhstan is the oldest humanitarian organization in Kazakhstan, which assists people in distress around the whole country of Kazakhstan.

Only through the regular support of our partners, we can continue to assist those affected by emergencies, those families with low-income and single pensioners. Your support allows us to teach people first aid skills and increase the amount of blood donors in our country.

This year we invite you to join the Red Crescent and support our work by taking part in a charity tournament on mini-football, which will go under the motto «Play for Red». The tournament will be among corporate teams from socially responsible businesses of Almaty.

Tournament contestants are receiving an opportunity to:

- Contribute to the popularization of the charity culture

- Make a personal contribution to the support of people we help

- Team up with friends and colleagues and compete for prizes

- Strengthen the team spirit

- Show their company's social responsibility

- Meet new people

- Present the products or the company's activities during the tournament

- Feel pride in their company and its social activities

- Feel the satisfaction of participation for noble causes

What is required from the competing companies:

- Assemble a team of at least 5 people.

- Provide a matching uniform to the team.

- Pay a participation charity fee of 100 000 KZT.

Rules of the Tournament:

- The number of players on the field: 4 players and 1 goalie.

- The duration of the game: two halves of 15 minutes, 5 minutes break.

- During the course of the match an unlimited number of substitutions are allowed.

Time and Place of the Tournament:

The Tournament takes place in the “Chamberlain Country Club” on the 19 of August from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There is going to be a small reception for the participants and guests of the tournament.

Information about the event and its participants will be published on the Red Crescent’s website and social media pages.

Your company can also act as a partner (sponsor) of the tournament – opportunity to give prizes to participants or to provide other support.

Apply to participate in the tournament and get more information through:

E-mail: Phone: +7 (727) 2916291 ( ext.721)


For 100 000 tenge Red Crescent of Kazakhstan can:

Provide food and fill out basic needs for a family consisting of 5  people, which was affected by a natural disaster.

Attract 100 blood donors and collect 50 littles of blood, the need for  which is rising among thousands of Kazakhstan citizens.

Hold 7 free First Aid Trainings, which will teach 100 people basic  first aid tools and techniques.

Construct 25 Food Parcels and provide them to pensioners without close  relatives.


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