November 16-20 - 10th Central Asia Trade Forum (Virtual)

The Tenth Central Asia Trade Forum

(online/virtual forum)

Central Asia – Growth and Prosperity


CATF X will be virtual in 2020.  The agenda will comprise live interactivepanel webinars each day from November 16 to November 20.  The webinars will discuss recovery strategiesfor sectors relevant to the USAID portfolio. Each sector will have its own web page with links to prerecordedinterviews, presentations, videos and articles.

DRAFT AGENDA: Day 1 november 16, 2020

14:30 - 15:25



Pre-recorded Opening remarks

15:30 - 17:00



Live Panel session 1:  How the Covid-19 Pandemic impacts Central Asian trade and  supply chains


Central  Asia is landlocked and farther from an ocean than anywhere on earth. In  normal times, this makes trade with the rest of the world expensive and  challenging, at best. These are not normal times. The Global Pandemic has  disrupted global supply chains and the effects of this disruption continue to  ripple around the world. How has the pandemic impacted trade, transportation  and logistics in this remote region? What are companies doing to adjust?  After a devastating forest fire, new shoots emerge from charred earth, what  kinds of opportunities arise from this crisis? How has the pandemic  accelerated the adoption of new technologies like robotics, 3-D printing,  Artificial Intelligence.  In this live  panel discussion, you will gain salient insight into how the pandemic is  transforming transportation and logistics, and what the future has in store.


DRAFT AGENDA: Day 2 november 17, 2020

09:30 - 11:00

Live Panel session 2:  regional cooperaton  and tourism recovery in central asia


Tourism has been hit hard by the coronavirus  pandemic, with millions of jobs at risk in one of the most labor-intensive  sectors of the economy. As governments around the world have introduced  unprecedented measures to contain the virus, restrictions on travel, business  operations and people-to-people interactions have brought the tourism economy  to a standstill.  Central Asian  countries are managing the re-opening of the tourism economy. This is a  complex and challenging task, involving lifting travel restrictions,  restoring traveler confidence and rethinking the tourism sector for the  future.  This live panel session brings  together local and global tourism experts to discuss the impact of the  coronavirus pandemic on regional tourism and potential solutions to restart  and rebuild the tourism industry.

9:00 - 13:00


special event: iso WEbinar for smes (first part)

ISO Webinar  “Shifting  management system mindsets with new quality standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO  22000:2018 and ISO 45001:2018”.  Changing  management system”

Organizer: CERT International Separate Registration at


15:30 - 17:00

live Panel session 3 (FGI):  Leveraging eCommerce for Central  Asian business trade and growth 

eCommerce is  opening extraordinary opportunities for Central Asian firms of all sizes  to reach new customers, export, and grow. Surveys show that firms that sell  online grow faster and are 2-3 times likelier to export than offline sellers,  and most firms that sell on global online marketplaces export to ten or more  markets.


eCommerce is still nascent in  Central Asia but is growing rapidly as consumers migrate online amid  Covid-19. The region has promising online retailers, for example of  groceries, textile and apparel, food products, and artisan products. However,  the region's firms face a number of challenges to translate  eCommerce opportunities into exports and growth, such as limited  eCommerce skills and knowledge about best-in-class eCommerce-related technologies,  complex and expensive cross-border logistics, frictions with  cross-border online payments, and regulatory fragmentation of the  regional digital markets, among others.   This live panel session brings together local and global  eCommerce leaders to discuss how their businesses are driving  eCommerce in the region, partly by collaborating with small and large  firms and governments to enable eCommerce.


DRAFTAGENDA: Day 3 november 18, 2020

14:00 – 15:30



Panel session 4: growing business connectivity between central asia AND afghanistan  (regional amcham network)


Central Asian  Governments are increasingly engaging in talks to increase regional economic  cooperation including trade and investment links with Afghanistan. USAID and  other donors are supporting these discussions with cross-border B2B, training  and other activities to enhance business connectivity.  In this panel session AmCham business  leaders and member representatives from across the region and Afghanistan will  discuss joint opportunities for cross-border trade and investment and the  impediments to be overcome.


9:00 – 13:00


special event: iso WEbinar for smes (Second part)

ISO Webinar  “Shifting  management system mindsets with new quality standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO  22000:2018 and ISO 45001:2018”.  Changing  management system”

Organizer: CERT International Separate Registration  at


15:30  – 17:00


Live  Panel Session 5 (GIZ TBC): Growing Public-Private Dialogue - Coming of Age of  National Trade Facilitation Committees


DRAFTAGENDA: Day 4 november 19, 2020

09:30 – 11:00



Panel session 6: regional water cooperation

15:30  – 17:00


Panel session 7: Developing  a Regional Electricity Market


DRAFT AGENDA: Day 5 november20, 2020

09:30  – 11:00





Central Asia: the region full of  opportunities – The panel session «Central  Asia: the region full of opportunities» is targeted on building bridges  between the public and private sectors in the startup community both in each  individual country and in Central Asia as a region. Startup leading  will participate from multiple countries, to present their experiences  on the opportunities, as well as challenges. The main discussion will be  around four topics: Regulatory issues for startups in Central Asia;  Infrastructure for systematic development of startups; Investments and  finance sources for startups; and IT Startups as a base for Digital Economy.

15:30  – 17:00


Panel session 9:  Regional Women’s entrepreneurship Network


Women business owners are  increasingly active across the region – particularly as microenterprises in  agriculture and handicrafts.  Microenterprises  face significant barriers to growth and profitability.  This panel session brings women business  leaders from across the region to discuss how women small business owners can  leverage the experience and market access of other women business owners in  the region to access new markets and expand their businesses.


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