PwC Remuneration Survey Kazakhstan 2020

PricewaterhouseCoopers is pleased to invite your company to participate in the annual PayWell Salary and Benefits Benchmarking Survey Kazakhstan 2020.  PayWell study is a strong foundation for making smart data driven decisions in order to provide your employees with fair and competitive compensation and benefits packages.

The PayWell Report contains:

  1. Salary data by positions (Base pay; Variable Pay; Total pay)     
  2. Analytical report on compensation and HR practices   
  3. Key metrics on HR effectiveness from PwC Saratoga
  4. NEW! “The impact of the current economic situation on the labour market”


·         Standard offer: 700000 KZT (without VAT) - invoice will be issued after PayWell report release in September 2020.

·         Special offer: 20 %discount for members of Association. Discounted price is 560 000 KZT(without VAT) -   in case of written confirmation of participation before 13 July2020.

More detailed information about Survey, including structure and report templates, can be found by link below:


Registration is open until June 30, 2020 (inclusive). For registration, please follow the link below:


 Or copy in the URL of your internet browser:

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