SCHNEIDER GROUP Customs Union Update

Eurasian Economic Union

Do you know about all 5 changes to the Customs Union?

You have most probably heard  that the New Customs Code for the Eurasian Economic Union is in the pipeline  and will come into force from 2018. With this video we explain what the New  Customs Code means for you and what other changes are to come which you – as  an internationally trading company – should be aware of.


Watch  our video to find out about all 5 looming changes in the Eurasian Economic  Customs Union.

1. The new Customs Code

2. Traceability system

3. Merger of custom  accounts

4. Currency control

5. Labelling of the  goods

 SCHNEIDER GROUP import services  entail the complete handling of the logistic chain and product certification.  We support companies in the import process by taking over complete handling  of the logistic chain, product certification, preparation of import and  export documents, registration at the customs office, electronic customs  clearance and delivery to the final customer or to our client’s warehouse.

 Read  more about our import services or download our import  brochure as a PDF.

 Case Study | Product certification in    Russia

If    you don’t trust our words, ask our clients. Access our case study about the    product certification we did for our client Bogner.

>>       Read the case study about production certification in    Russia


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