Singapore, 8-10 September 2020 - Gastech 2020: Future Of The Energy Landscape

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Gastech 2020

Gastech 2020 is a global platform with the power to convene industry leaders in their mission to provide low carbon, affordable energy for all and address issues around energy transformation, including environmental impact and sustainability, climate mitigation and energy security.

An important enabler of engagement between policy makers, business leaders, disruptors and innovators, the Gastech Conference will analyse key challenges and opportunities facing the industry with focus on IoT, AI, machine learning, blockchain, cyber security and other aspects of digital transformation.

Gastech 2020 will enable the Gas, LNG and Energy industries to evaluate new business opportunities and source the solutions required to navigate, as disruptive forces accelerate the transition to cleaner energy and decarbonisation.

We look forward to convening the entire Gas, LNG and Energy value chain, at Gastech 2020, in Singapore, in September.

Super Early Bird Offer Ends Friday 29 May 2020

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Join The Forward-Thinkers Leading The Direction And Debate In The Sector Including:

Thomas Siebel

Thomas Siebel

Author & Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Technology Over the Next 10 Years – What are the opportunities and threats to the energy sector posed by Industry 4.0?

Thomas Siebel, a renowned serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur will share his vision of how Industry 4.0 will transform lives over the next decade and discuss the threat of ‘corporate extinction’ due to advances in artificial intelligence.  

The Limitless Horizon – Examining the critical nature of IoT and data security in the future energy industry

In the data intensive world of energy, the focus on security is shifting from the well head to the data centre. With cyberattacks growing in frequency, sophistication, and impact, Eugene Kaspersky, the world’s leading expert on cybersecurity, will share his unique perspective on the threats to the industry and how the industry can protect infrastructure, processes and systems from hackers.  

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Eugene Kaspersky


Kaspersky Lab

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Rumman Chowdhury

Responsible AI Lead


Building ethical and responsible AI technologies and organisations

The AI revolution is here, and it's transforming global business. With over 72 percent of organisations having adopted AI, its rapid advancement brings about numerous ethical challenges. In this talk, leading ethical AI expert Rummen Chowdhury will explore the importance of an ethical and responsible AI deployment for business success.

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Discover How Leaders From Across The Energy Landscape
Are Answering The Key Questions:

What role will digital technologies and AI play in supporting recovery in the energy sector?

How can AI and machine learning build in resilience to energy sector business models?

What will our energy matrix look like in 10 years and how will AI, big data and machine learning reshape the global energy business?

What will the cities of the future look like?

In an increasingly volatile world, what are the options for enhancing data security for the energy business?

How should energy sector businesses be deploying technology to secure their future in the new normal?

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