Doris Bradbury

Doris Bradbury joined the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan as Executive Director in May 2006, and has presided over a period of intense expansion in the Chamber's mandate end operations, particularly in the area of government advocacy.   A career specialist in the countries of the post-Soviet Union, she began her career teaching and pursuing research at the University of St. Andrews (U.K.) before embarking on international work in the public and private sectors. 

Ms. Bradbury has broad experience in the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic states, and Kazakhstan. 

In the United States Ms. Bradbury served as Senior Associate Director for Conflict Resolution at The Carter Center in Atlanta, working with Former President Jimmy Carter on projects in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Caucasus.

In Canada she Headed the Eastern Europe Unit at the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) in Ottawa, focused on delivery of government programs for Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic states for over a decade. 

In Kazakhstan she served as Executive Director of The Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan before joining the American Chamber of Commerce, which she has headed for ten years during a period of intense expansion.  

Ms. Bradbury has headed major government programs with individual values of up to $20 million and participated in numerous Canadian and U.S. government missions to Russia, including the Far East, Ukraine, and the Baltic States.  She has designed and delivered numerous programs aimed at parliamentary training, legal and judicial reform, healthcare reform, economic development, fiscal federalism, northern and arctic affairs, and  a broad range of policy reform.

Ms. Bradbury holds a B.A. (Honors) degree from McGill University (Canada), an M.Litt. degree from the University of Edinburgh (U.K), and pursued Ph.D. research at Moscow State University on a Canadian Post-Graduate Fellowship (GENEXAG), all in Russian literature and history.  She has served on many academic and corporate boards in Canada.  Ms. Bradbury speaks English, Russian, French, and Spanish, and is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen.